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  The advantage of Canvas tarps and function

Canvas tarps are used widely. They can be used at home or in a variety of industries, including landscaping, farming, construction, etc. Canvas tarps, heavy duty canvas tarps, provide durability yet breath ability, and waterproof canvas tarps protect against the elements. Waterproof canvas tarps also eliminate condensation. This gives you additional protection for your materials, products, and other tarping needs. For camping, canvas tarps that are waterproof can even be used in a pinch to create a tent.

These tarps are great at staying dry. Regardless of how damp the atmosphere is, they will not keep moisture and will dry out quickly. Many of the canvas covers that are on the market today are made of a material that is called 10 oz material, but some of the better ones are more like 12 oz material and even up to 17 oz material. Of course, depending on what you need the tarp for, the higher ounce materials are stronger and more durable. If you are hauling heavy loads in rescue operations, you may want to opt for a heavier tarp.

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